Harris McCall & Associates

Company Background

Harris McCall & Associates, a network affiliate of MRINetwork™, was established to provide executive and management level staffing services to select organizations in:

  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Development
  • Consulting

Our search consultants include seasoned business executives, entrepreneurs and professional recruiters from varied industry backgrounds, who are focused on delighting our clients by providing the highest quality executive search, recruiting and organizational consulting services ever experienced.

To achieve these objectives we will:

  • Work under strict rules of confidentiality and uphold all current employment laws
  • Ensure honesty and integrity in all we say and do. (We have documented and maintain a written code of ethics, which each staff member agrees to and signs as a condition of employment.)
  • Thoroughly understand the position requirements, job performance expectations and company culture when initiating an engagement.
  • Agree to serve the client only when we believe we can provide a specific value add to the search.
  • Guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Within the agreed upon timelines of each search, we will produce three qualified candidates who are interested in making the move to the client opportunity. To achieve these objectives we offer a comprehensive approach and more, a partnership that includes:

  • A needs analysis to refine the position description, accountabilities, credentials and experience required, and to define first year performance expectations
  • A clearly defined and documented search plan, including search consultant accountabilities, deliverables, and timelines
  • The presentation of one test candidate within one week of initiating the search
  • Ongoing assistance throughout the search to debrief the candidates and our client; to clarify needs, issues or concerns, and to develop appropriate contingencies; or, to schedule interviews and co-ordinate offers to be made to set the stage for success
  • Providing additional resources - including assessment, videoconferencing and relocation services - to support the candidate and our client - and to speed the selection process to a positive outcome.

Code of Conduct

  • In all we do, we will treat those with whom we interact in the same manner we wish to be treated.
  • All communications will be honest, professional, fact-based - and considered totally confidential.
  • All laws and regulations relating to equal employment opportunity will be scrupulously observed.
  • No client or candidate will be played, one against another.
  • No promises will be made that one does not intend to keep.
  • All relevant reference information will be shared with the client.
  • Candidate reference checks will not be conducted and resumes will not be shared without the candidate's approval.
  • The rule of law and the best interest of the client will guide our actions.